About Us

About Us

This website is brought to you by Shellharbour City Council, and supported by Barnardos Communities for Children Shellharbour.

Shellharbour Kids is a website for parents and carers of children aged 0  - 12 years, community workers and service providers.  It is managed by Shellharbour City Council's Community & Cultural Life Team.

The website is a work in progress. We want it to meet the needs of Shellharbour City's parents, carers, and people who work in our community, and therefore welcome your feedback. Please send any comments, additions, suggestions, or feedback to us at email shellharbourkids@shellharbour.nsw.gov.au.

Terms & Conditions of Use

By participating in Shellharbour Kids website, you are agreeing to act within the following guidelines:

Be respectful of others and help everyone feel welcome: do not post anything which incites, induces or aids violence, discrimination or harassment, or is likely to offend, insult or humiliate others. Shellharbour City Council reserves the right to refuse inclusion or remove without notice. Such refusions include:

  • Listings where information is found to be out-of-date or whose functioning is unreliable
  • Listings where ownership or authorship cannot be easily identified
  • Listings which are deemed offensive in the opinion of Shellharbour City Council
  • Listings which condone or promote illegal or anti-social activities

Help build a community you want to be a part of: it is your responsibility to ensure the content you upload is appropriate for the purpose and audience of this website. If your judgment proves to be poor, we'll moderate your account appropriately, send you a warning or if necessary remove your content.

Additionally, if you see behaviour that is making you or other people feel uncomfortable, please report it. Please also understand that Shellharbour City Council’s involvement in Shellharbour Kids does not necessarily mean it supports, endorses or funds any plans featured on this site.

Keep it relevant: only post material to the site that is relevant to the focus of the site and topics being discussed. Don't use this site for advertising or any kind of spam. Don't post other people's ideas or copyrighted material.

Keep it private: To ensure your privacy is protected, please don't post your personal phone numbers or addresses. Do not access or use another user's account or create false identities or pose as another person or entity.

Generally, if your behavior does not contribute to the fun, supportive and welcoming environment this site provides, your content may be removed and your account closed.

Your pledge

Also remember, by using Shellharbour Kids you are agreeing to:

  • give accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by any registration forms on the site;
  • protect your password and identification;
  • maintain your profile to keep it accurate, current and complete; and
  • be fully responsible for all use of your account and for any actions that take place using your account.

You are responsible for the text, photos, videos and any other material you add to this site. You cannot submit any material that you did not create yourself or that you do not have permission or rights to post.


We have upgraded our Shellharbour Kids website to make it more versatile and user-friendly for our community, and this would not have been possible without the dedication, hard work, support and patience of many people:

TaFE Work Placement Students: Diane Price, Rebecca Lambert, and Scarlet Charlton
Council's Graphic Designer Samantha Meurer
Photography by Bernie Fischer
Staff and children at Warilla Child Care Centre
Staff and children from the Child Friendly by Design 2528 Crew Park Project
Aftershock Solutions P/L
Members of the Shellharbour Parent Services Interagency
Everyone who responded to our surveys


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