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Warilla North Public School

Oldfield Street, Warilla NSW 2528

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Warilla North Public School is situated near the southern edge of Lake Illawarra. It is a small school which caters for the needs of a low socio-economic status community. The school motto 'Respect and Honour is emphasised in the development of positive relationships to create a safe, happy and learning environment. We have a strong student welfare program which meets the needs of its students, and our students are regularly involved in extra-curricular activities. The school operates with a strong Parents and Citizens Committee which is progressive and supportive of the school. We have a significant Aboriginal population, and focus is maintained to ensure the needs of these students are met, that Aboriginal culture and history are celebrated and taught appropriately, and that positive relationships exist and will continue to develop with the Aboriginal community. The committed and experienced staff works in cooperation with the community to provide a positive environment for our students to achieve their potential, and it is dedicated to engaging in professional learning to improve student outcomes. The school is supported by the Priority School Program(PSP) which enables the school to provide additional support to better meet the learning needs of the students. In 2010 the school received additional funding from the Australian Government in the form of National Partnership Literacy/Numeracy and National Partnership Low SES Community Funding. Some of the special programs our school offers include; Performing Arts (dance festivals, choir) Public Speaking, Aboriginal Education Programs, Life Education, Literacy Programs (Accelerated Literacy, Kindergarten 3L program, Reading Recovery, LIPI and LIPA) ,Active after School Sport programs, Learn to Swim and Numeracy Programs (TOWN, Count Me In TOO) The school's primary purpose is to enhance learning outcomes. The school is well supported in this aim through its inclusion in the Disadvantaged Schools Program


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