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Tullimbar Public School

Exeter Place, Tullimbar NSW 2527

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Tullimbar Public School is located under the majestic cliffs of the Illawarra escarpment in the foothills of Macquarie Pass only minutes from Albion Park's business centre. Tullimbar Public School is new and continually growing. Tullimbar Public School is committed to promoting excellence in education by maximising the full potential of all students through the provision of quality teaching and learning programs with active community involvement in a dynamic, stimulating and caring environment. Tullimbar Public School has an inclusive focus where all children's individual needs are expertly catered for through the provision of appropriate, relevant learning experiences presented by skilled, innovative educators. The school hosts three support classes as well as six mainstream classes. Support class students are also integrated into mainstream programs throughout the week. The school is currently part of the National Partnerships program with the focus on literacy and numeracy. As part of this program the school has implemented the Accelerated Literacy program, the L3 program (Language, Learning and Literacy), the Best Start Assessment program for Kindergarten students and TOWN (Taking Off With Numeracy). The school has a range of student welfare programs that underlie and promote a positive school culture. The You Can Do It program is taught across the school on a weekly basis. It emphasises the development of the keys to success (persistence, confidence, resilience, getting along and organisation) amongst students. It is supplemented by a Go For Gold program where students work towards high standards of manners, behaviour and respect. The school also fosters and atmosphere of Sop, Think, Do as a strategy for students to deal with their own personal issues. The Win Bin and the Do It Card system further promotes a happy and caring school environment. The school boasts a variety of extra-curricular activities including choir, public speaking, dance group and PSSA sport training. Students are regularly offered the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities in various key learning areas. Parents are encouraged to visit the school in a variety of capacities: to assist in the classrooms, to watch assemblies and special events, to talk to and meet with staff or to be involved in the Parents and Citizens' Association. The school conducts a Friday Phone Call program where one student's parents from each class receives a You Can Do It phone call from the school principal. The team at Tullimbar endeavours to develop students' academic, social and emotional capabilities, values and attitudes which will ensure they can successfully and confidently meet in an appropriate way the challenges life presents


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