Transition to School

Transition to School

Resources and links to help you and your kids when transitioning to the school system

Billy Backpack Transition to School Program
Information for parents, practitioners and kids about this important phase of children's lives, access to research, and dates for events connected with starting school. You can also download Billy Backpack's great new song on the Info for Kids link.

NSW Department of Education
Download practical tips to help prepare your child for school, with great resources like: "Time to Start School" , "A Special Place" and "Ready for School Checklist".

Community Services (formally NSW Department of Community Services)
Starting school. School can be a strange and scary place for beginners.

Schools A to Z
A NSW Education and Communities initiative aiming to help parents with any questions they have about children and their schooling, including readying children for school and tips and tricks when they are in the education system.

Saver Plus - The Smith Family

Click HERE to see the list of primary schools in the Shellharbour area

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