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The Roo Theatre Company

Addison Street, Shellharbour Village NSW 2529

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Roo Theatre Company Inc. is a community based non-profit organisation whose vision is to bring theatre to the general public at a price they can afford and to allow all members of the public, who have an interest in the arts, to become actively involved. To this day Roo maintains its philosophy of working together as a team to develop their vision of theatre into a reality. Since its establishment in 1987, Roo Theatre has managed to maintain and improve its service to this growing community through the hard work of members and friends to the point where it has grown into a major arts organisation and has earned respect for its professionalism and innovative works. Along with Broadway Musicals and Classic Drama, Roo has gained a reputation for community inspired new Australian works. The core business of Roo Theatre is skills development and productions. Many of the students and performers who have studied and performed with Roo have continued in the arts and completed courses at recognised colleges such as NIDA, Nepean and Wollongong Creative Art, Wollongong University and The Australian Ballet. In addition to employment related skills, members and students are able to participate in activities that promote self esteem, confidence, responsibility, ability to work as part of a team, and development of friendships. From Roos permanent home, The Harbour Theatre in Addison Street Shellharbour we conduct classes and adult tap dance for over 150 students weekly, with 80% of participants residing in the City of Shellharbour (the remainder from Wollongong, Kiama & Shoalhaven). We mount an average of six productions annually, selected by an honorary committee, and tailored to suit the demands of local audiences. In addition to this, the Roo Theatre also welcomes local schools who produce and perform their yearly school productions at Roo Theatre.

Projects and programs

  • Drama Class
  • Dance Class
  • Glee Class


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