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Five Star Martial Arts

Albion Park Rail NSW 2527

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As the Illawarras #1 Fully accredited Martial Arts school we empower everyone through Martial Arts, the most effective, innovative, evolutionary self improvement systems and skill sets. As a result we create empowered, confident Blackbelts.... Want to be one? Robert Cooley starting Taekwondo training in Liverpool (1987) from white belt to 8th Dan Blackbelt under Korean GrandMasters, Ha Jong Sang. Park Hae Man, Lee Chong Won. Master Rob won NSW, VIC and National Sparring Championships during this time. Then went on himself to coach players to NSW, VIC, National and International Championships and medalists. Later being selected as a NSW High Performance Coach, National Sports Board Chairman, and Olympic Selector (amongst other roles) with many of his athletes being selected for Australian Teams and himself an Australian Team Coach, Manager and head of Team. Master Rob success programs will be imparted to each and every student that walks in the door. You cannot help but achieve your goals at FiveStar Martial Arts.

Projects and programs

  • Taekwondo
  • Gracie Jiu Jitsu
  • Hapkido
  • BullyStop®
  • 3-5yrs 6-12 yrs classes Teens and Adults.


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